The SAYL Program

How To Sign Up

Registering your new smimmer is easy.
Please download, print and fill out the follwing 3 forms and return to Ms. Patty.
All NEW clients must submit forms either in person or by mail to:

4541 Louisville Dr Plano, TX 75093

A $100 deposit plus a $25 registration fee is required for each child placed on the schedule. No exceptions.

SAYL Registration Form
One form per family

New Swimmer Survey
One survey per child

SAYL Parking Policies
SAYL is in the “business” of swimming, however we work in a residential neighborhood so it is crucial to observe our parking policies.

A Little About The SAYL Program

The SAYL Program works mainly because of consistency and how the program is set up. The program is designed for classes to meet once a week for 30 minutes, All Year Round! “All Year Swimming” is from September – May with an optional Summer session. Each class will consist of a small group in similar age and ability. Great attention is given to scheduling so that each child can learn as best they can all the fundamentals of swimming.


Lots of people ask why we swim all year instead of short sessions….the answer is easy. The SAYL program is designed for your child to get comfortable in the water and learn all that swimming has to offer. Think of swimming just like any other sport, it takes time to learn. Think about all that goes into swimming: learning how to breathe (holding your breath is not the answer), learning how to move in the water, learning how your body is held up by the water, controlling your movements – and all that is before you even learn how to stroke! When you think about the mechanics of swimming, there is a lot of information. Now, imagine taking all of that in when you are a child: it’s a lot to process and master in two weeks.

Swimming is an important sport and can get very technical, so the SAYL program breaks down the fundamentals and builds on them in a consistent and regular setting. As the student progresses, so does the program. Our goal is to take the student from a beginner swimmer to swim team capable.