Swim All Your Life Policies



Bathing suits are not optional. All hair needs to be tied up, out of the child’s face. No goggles unless approved by Ms. Patty. All children who are not potty trained MUST wear both swim diaper and re-usuable swim diaper.

No Sunscreen

The building is 99% UV protected (better than any sunscreen can do).

Be Safe

No running or horseplay for all students and non-students.

Have Fun!

Parents and Guests


The City of Plano requires SAYL customers to park on my property. Download the diagram below for acceptable parking spaces. Please only 1 car per family. ***Do NOT come more than 10 minutes prior to swim time and DO NOT linger more than 10 minutes past your swim time. We need the parking. ***

Make Up

Make up classes will only be scheduled if SAYL has to cancel classes. If you call to cancel for sickness, time conflicts or any other reason, a make up class will not be granted.


For the most up to date info, sign up for our twitter and facebook status updates. The building allows us to swim all year round but if there is a freeze, classes may be cancelled. We do heat the pool, but if the temperature outside is close to freezing, it is hard to maintain water temperature. YOU WILL GET AN EMAIL AND/OR PHONE CALL IF CLASSES ARE CANCELLED.

Class Assignment

Children are placed by age and ability. Every effort is placed in trying to accommodate your day and time request. To get the best class for your child, please be flexible.

Payment of Fees

$100 deposit or payment in full is required for class assignment. You are not going to be considered for a spot in ANY class without deposit or payment in full. A payment plan is available. Please contact me for the latest pricing information. To avoid any late fee, please remit your first payment or payment in full is by the first class.

Cell Phone Use

Don’t talk on cell phones in or around the swim area

Food and Drink

NO FOOD IS ALLOWED, even snacks for non-swimmers. Water is allowed. We work hard to keep our facility bug free, please help us keep it that way.

Parent Observation

Parents are encouraged to watch their children swim, cheer your children on, but please let them be corrected by Ms. Patty – listening and respect are key.