About Ms. Patty

The Kids all call me Ms. Patty and I am truly honored that I can have a small part of their lives. I teach swimming and am thrilled to be able to teach your child and so many others the only sport that could one day save their life or someone else’s. This gift is why I get up every morning to do what I do.

I was born in Chicago and moved around a lot as a kid. Southern California is where I spent most of my childhood and started swimming competatively. My brothers and sisters and I spent long days at the pool; that is when I fell in love with swimming.

Over the years, I have taught swimming in some capacity. I took the water for granted one day when my son was only 2. He nearly drowned. Luckily, my sister, and his God-mommy was there to resuscitate him. That is when I realized how important swimming lessons were. Years later, my nephew had a diving accident which paralyzed him. Again, I was reminded how necessary it was to respect the water and everything around it. Luckily, my family has had happy endings. Sad to say, i know some that have not. Again, this is why I do what I do.

Over 10 years ago, I gave up my day job in accounting to teach swimming full time. I have taught thousands of kids how to swim. Some of them have gone from hating/fearing the water to absolutely loving it! Some parents will tell you from their experience of that very conversion that I have the patient of a saint, although my own children might disagree. Sainthood or not, I have had many years of experience in dealing with lots of types of children…I have learned a trick or two. Nothing surprises me anymore.

My family background helps me deal with all types of children. I am one of 10 kids and have 2 kids of my own. As this is a family business, both of my children have helped out by working on growing this business. My oldest, Nacol, lives in Tyler with her husband, Brad. My son, Alan, is a fire-fighter in New Orleans, LA. (Pictured at right: Alan, Nacol, Brad and Ms. Patty, May 2008)

Thank you for the opportunity to get to know your children and to share this important gift with them. I am forever grateful for your support.

Ms. Patty