Swim All Your Life FAQs

Here is a short list of questions we receive.

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Q: How old does my child have to be to start swimming lessons?

A: I like to get them started fairly young: around 18 months is a great age. Younger children generally have fewer fears. Each child is different and getting the child comfortable in the water and “pool safe” is my first objective.

Q: Does a parent have to get in the water with a young child?

A: No. I don’t allow it actually. Most children have to adjust to me and they will learn much faster with me and other children in a class than clinging to Mom or Dad.

Q: What if my child starts to cry?

A: I have some children that will come right to me and some that will cry. Sometimes it just depends on the day. Usually after 3 lessons or so a child will stop crying and start enjoying the water. If needed, I will suggest a private class. Out of sight, out of mind sometimes work best, so don’t be alarmed if I suggest a parent leave the building so that your child can’t see you.

Q: My child used to love swimming and now they don’t want to. Why is this?

A: Children go through stages and I am used to dealing with this. It usually has nothing to do with swimming. Please just hand your child to me. This phase WILL pass. After all, it is my job (and I’m good at it) to get your child swimming.

Q: If SAYL cancels a class, do I get a make up?

A: Occasionally there are times that I will have to cancel classes (although I try Not to). Some reasons for classes being cancelled are: bad weather, “poopy” accident, pool equipment failure, power outage or a personal schedule conflict. These are rare and I do not close the pool unless it is in everyone’s BEST interest. If, for any reason, I have to cancel classes, then a make up will be granted and I will reschedule.

Q: Do I need to use a swim diaper?

A: Yes!!!!! In fact, swim diapers don’t keep much out of the pool. I would put your child in a swim diaper first, then a plastic re-usable swim diaper, then the bathing suit. If you think your child may have a bowel movement, please let me know so I can watch them closely. If any fecal matter gets into the pool, I WILL shut the pool down for at least a day, which will cause the rest of the day and possibly next day classes to be cancelled.

Q: Do I need to use sunscreen?

A: Sunscreen is not allowed. The building surrounding the pool is over 99% UV protected. Plus, sunscreen that is not absorbed gets into the pool filter and caused the chemicals to get out of whack. I teach over 300 students per week, so too much sunscreen can really cause some issues to the balance of the pool water and equipment.

Q: What happens if I signed up for All Year Swimming, but need to stop before the year is up, am I reimbursed?

A: This happens every now and then and I try to be fair. My policy is no cash refunds but can give you credit for future classes.

Q: Do I get a make up class if I need to cancel?

A: A make up is only granted if SAYL has to cancel class. However, I will try to re-schedule if prior notice is given and my swim schedule allows. Flexibility on your part is key. Thank you for understanding how much time goes into making sure your child is in the right class for their ability and personality.

Q: Will my deposit be refunded if I decide not to swim?

A: Only if I cannot find you a spot or you have given me one month prior notice. Again, I am fair and deal with each customer respectfully and on a case by case basis.